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The Passion in Spiritual Shackles is Palpable.
From the very first paragraph, mystery and excitement intertwine with memorable characters while stories within the greater story provide privileged insight into the black experience. Readers of all backgrounds have found themselves wiser and richer after reading this book.

Among the many characters, meet Carla, C.J., Jumpin' Rose, and Aya, Daughter of Creation. And of course, there's Lady Vye. Her extraordinary love for her fellow human beings and for unwanted children in particular allows this amazing story to take place. A few highlights: she lovingly, lavishly raises abandoned twins who – hang on for this one – have different fathers. She likewise embraces a little girl whose birth mother goes insane because the child she bears – again, hang on – is too black!

Self-hatred clashes with defiant self-pride. There's also burning desire, pain and acceptance, fear and sheer transcendent love just to identify a few of the emotions that permeate this novel. But what elevates "Shackles" to another level is that the lives of these characters intertwine with the real life personalities of 20th century; giants the likes of Jack Johnson, Jackie Robinson, Miles Davis, Alex Haley, Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, John Coltrane and Dr. Martin Luther King amongst others.

Carefully, relentlessly, Spiritual Shackles examines the dark corners and powerful history with rich, gritty and brutally honest language. By the time the story ends, we've traveled from burning churches, the intimacy of beauty parlors and barbershops to the Amazon rain forest in Suriname and Brazil. Along the way, unique and determined people leap to life in a way the pages of a book cannot quite contain. This page-turner novel of mystery, truth and spiritual challenge will leave you with powerful images that will linger in your brain long after the book has been closed. You will find yourself, like many others have after reading Spiritual Shackles, reading it again and again.

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