About the Author

"Jumal" Okeyo Jumal's  hometown is Pasadena California, a city in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains with the Arroyo Seco Creek running through. The "Jewel" of the Crown City is the City Hall, a building that had fascinated Jumal from a young kid in ragged tennis shoes, a curious fascination that fueled his desire to delve into history books for answers to why thing are the way they are.

Pasadena, like most "Northern" cities, was void of Jim Crow signs, but racism was silently entrenched. When legitimized segregation or apartheid in America was finally struck down in 1954, the "peculiar institution" was too stubborn to crumble on its own, it needed help! Caught up in these volatile times, Jumal submerges himself in the eclectic mix of characters that jump off the pages of Spiritual Shackles, characters that kick down doors and smash obstacles searching for elusive answers to why things are the way they are.

Jumal attended the University of California at Berkeley, Cal State University Los Angeles, Cal State University San Bernardino and Pasadena City College. He's attained a bachelor's degree in History and his master's degree in Education.

Jumal, has traveled the continent of Africa; travelled Europe as  teacher/tutor with the musical, "Carmen Jones". He's also traveled extensively in Mexico, Central/ South America and the Caribbean Islands.

These life experiences bleed onto the pages of Spiritual Shackles in vivid detail, not just in the powerful writing and fascinating histories, but in the storytelling. It's the gritty griot style storytelling that binds the novel and grips tightly to the reader's imagination.

To schedule an interview or to request a review copy of Spiritual Shackles, please contact Jumal Okeyo Jumal okeyojumal@aol.com
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